How can you help us? 


donations will purchase:


£5 = Post it notes/pens for a volunteer preparation



£50 = Books/videos for volunteers to use with families    


£200 = Pay for room hire for a volunteer prep course      


£200 = Staff expenses for a month                           


£400 = Pay our rent/room hire for a month  


£100 = Management Committee expenses for the year               


£400 = Pay our volunteers expenses for a month      


£325 = Training/development for a year            


£1400 = Support for one family for a year 


£1500 = Complete costs of running volunteer prep course    

(Interview expenses, volunteer expenses, trainer time, room hire)





The majority of our volunteers are 'Home visiting' volunteers. They are all parents themselves and support families by visiting them in thier own homes and helping them to work through a variety of issues.

We also have volunteers who support with fundraising and some clerical work. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please go to our volunteering for us page




We have an active management comittee who oversee the running of the scheme. We are always keen to welcome new Trustees to the scheme. Please visit our Becoming a trustee page 


Supporting a fundraising event


We have fundraising activities taking place to help raise money for running costs of the scheme. You can support one of the existing events, host a fund raising event yourself or join our fundraising group, if this interests you then please call the office on 872280.

for a list of current events click here 









Based in Telford Home-Start offers a unique service. We recruit and train volunteers, who are usually parents themselves, to visit families at home and offer them informal, friendly and confidential support. The families we help have at least one child under 5.

To help give children the best possible start in life, Home-Start supports parents as they grow in confidence, strengthen their relationship with their children and widen their links with the local community.


As well as home visiting support at Home-Start Telford & Wrekin we run a course called 'Something more'. This is a 10 week course designed for women to look at issues of self esteem. It is about helping women to remember to focus on themselves as well as the roles they fulfil in life such as being a mum.


As a scheme we aim to provide young families with a 'fun outing' each term. This may be a trip to one of the local attractions and once a year we have a seaside visit which is always well attended. For some of our families this is the closest they get to a holiday each year.





Comments from families about thier Support:


'Made me appreciate that there were positive things happenning - not just negative'


'It gave me the feeling that I didn't have to be alone'


my volunteer 'helped recognise small sucesses and efforts when they weren't terribly apparent.'


'Gave me encouragement'


'offered enough alternatives that one was bound to work'

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